City of Augurs - Midwife

Stef tastan waifu
Final Image
Stef tastan 3
Clean Sketch
Stef tastan waifu notes
The very first draft accomplished during art jam on the third. A revised version done days later on the right.

A midwife. Midwives are specially trained in treating pregnancies, child birth, and post-partum situations. These midwives collect the umbilical cords of healthy newborn to feed to their bird kin. Abstaining from doing so, or keeping umbilical cords from a midwife is an act of heresy.

This character is part of the City of Augurs, the result of an Art Jam we had at Syn Studio. smiley We took the brief we were given and gave it a unique twist. My task was to draw NPCs to help flesh out our world a little bit.