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Lulu and Morrigan

I really love the squeaky clean art direction found in Blizzard and Riot games, wanted to try something in that vein. Process included. :)

Stef tastan lulu morri fin small

The final piece. :)

Stef tastan 0 discardedprocess

First draft. Discarded because the workflow was a total mess. Started over from scratch, as seen in the following pic.

Stef tastan 2 lineart

Sat my ass down and patiently worked on some lineart.

Stef tastan 3 colorblock

Blocking the shapes in. Each character is in its own layer group.

Stef tastan 4 colorblock2

Blocking in the base colors, trying to see how it would work out.

Stef tastan 5 ao1

Begin AO passes!

Stef tastan 6 ao2


Stef tastan 7 ao3


Stef tastan 8 ao4


Stef tastan 9 rimlights

Adding some rim lights.

Stef tastan 10 refiningcolorblocks

Remember that color block step? I set everything to multiply (as evidenced with Morrigan). ....Looking good so far, but gotta keep going!

Stef tastan 11 refiningcolorblock2

Did the exact same thing with Lulu, plus began adjusting colors to match the characters better.

Stef tastan 12 refiningcolor2

Began that refining process by switching the shadows to a purpley shade. At this point I need to start focusing on the background, too.

Stef tastan 13 refiningcolor3

That red flame wasn't doing it for me, switching the magic spells to blue seems to improve the overall pic a little

Stef tastan 14 refining

Added some clouds in because of some League of Legends splash art I was looking at at the time. From this point forth the background will remain blue, makes the characters pop even more.

Stef tastan 15 refining2

Modifying the colors in the piece. Cooling things off a bit.

Stef tastan 16 refining3

Added a bunch of highlights in. Look at how everything pops!

Stef tastan 17 refining4

Adding cool wispy things to replace those horrible doodles I had as stand-ins

Stef tastan 18 rimlights

More refining and cool blue rimlights.

Stef tastan 19 refining5

Doing the same thing with Lulu... modifying tones and addin in detail.

Stef tastan 20 refining6

Last steps

Stef tastan 21 refining7

Added wispy things! And changed the saturation in their skin a bit to make them stand out against all that blue. Hope you liked. :)