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The Magicians - Champion Character Design.

This second animation was very exciting because one of the big challenges to overcome was designing the main character to show her extensive journey during what could have been years. My main concern during the first clip was that the character was absolutely fragile and in a position of weakness. At that point I had no idea what would become of her as the story progressed. Turns out she becomes an absolute badass!

Stef tastan girl redesign materials 001

The first image in this group is the concept art I very briefly drew for my Art Director.

Stef tastan girl redesign materials 004 2

The silhouette in the second image really helped me nail what the general anatomy of the character should be. I wanted her silhouette to be super flowy and elf-like. Her poses in most shots are exaggerated and almost ballerina-like.

Stef tastan girl redesign materials 004 1

More examples of the sketches I used for the animatic versus how the asset made it to the end.

Stef tastan girl redesign materials 002

How the character aged between the first and second clip.