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No Escape

No Escape.

Latest piece for my Intro to Environment Design class! We are being taught there tons of useful techniques for quickly getting ideas done: Photobashing, custom shapes, all those powerful, non-painting Photoshop tools I’ve neglected for so long. Anyway boy I’m glad I gave these things a try because they do so much to help you expand in terms of what you can actually achieve. I could not have drawn such a scene, so I used 3D to block out an angry milkbox in a sci-fi subway. I couln’t possibly achieve a sense of atmosphere so I photobashed clouds and truck lights and BAM, we have a space catastrophe. What were 100% painted were the monster lobsters and characters, but still were very heavily referenced from Dead Space and the Zerg from StarCraft.

Stef tastan tramfin

Finished piece.

Stef tastan giffy

The process

Stef tastan thumbnail

My photobashed concept sketch. Used existing reference for this, some Dead Space concept art halls. I was just trying to find a mood I liked.

Stef tastan render1

The angry milkbox I modeled in 3D that served as the base for the final drawing. Thank you for your calcium contribution, little fella.