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City of Augurs - Guardian Golem

An old golem, protector of the city. This golem has stood at the gates of the city from its very beginnings. He shows great respect in his task by adding the skull of his fallen bird brethren to his ever-growing crown, so that they will always be by his side.

This character is part of the City of Augurs, the result of an Art Jam we had at Syn Studio. :) We took the brief we were given and gave it a unique twist. My task was to draw NPCs to help flesh out our world a little bit.

This golem is one I made after the Art Jam was over because I was lacking a fighting-class character in the list.

Stef tastan skelly

Final Image!

Stef tastan 4

Clean Sketch

Stef tastan skeeyllsk

First Draft