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The Magicians - Seven Keys Visual Development

Visual Development I did last year for a short animation that appeared on Season 3, Episode 2 of The Magicians (available on SyFy channel!)
Art Director: Wes Kandel

Stef tastan 0 initial ideation

Initial ideation of the girl, trying to look for outfits the daughter of a knight would wear.

Stef tastan 1 less stylized armor test

We needed something a lighter since our girl is a young character, and inexperienced in fighting arts as of the start of her quest. At this point we sketch out ideas of her wearing a gown with pieces of armor on top of it.

Stef tastan 2 render test

We're happy with the overall color palette and design, so we did a rendering test on the character, also to show the showrunner what the character would look like!

Stef tastan 3 key art showing girl s personality

We're also working hard on finding the art style for our short film. This keyframe shows what our character would look like inside the art style we were aiming for.

Stef tastan 4 found artdirection

We arrived to the decision that the girl is looking too hardened, she needs to be softer, sadder. At this point I'm given Kay Nielsen as a visual reference for our short film. Our character therefor needs to be more expressive, and vaguely geometrical.

Stef tastan 5 final version

The final design, we switched her hair to blonde to give her a more fantastical look, it also goes waaay better with the color palette of her dress!