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The Magicians Keyframe Art & Production Work

More examples of the process followed to develop the animated short from start to finish! This time this project will take you through the concept keyframes, animatic sketches and what ended up on the clip.

Stef tastan x p2wztujxsr1qcwu3do1 r1 1280

Keyframe concept 1.

Stef tastan x p2wztujxsr1qcwu3do2 r1 1280

Keyframe concept 2,.

Stef tastan girlframe 001

An animatic sketch.

Stef tastan girlframe 002

Another version of the same animatic scene with a different landscape

Stef tastan girlframe 003

Another version, same pose, a yet different landscape and lighting conditions.

Stef tastan girlframe 004

What ended up on the final clip turned out a bit different but pretty sweet nonetheless!

Stef tastan girl redesign materials 004 3

Another view of how the clip looks in the end!

Stef tastan comp 313 8
Stef tastan comp 313 9